Christmas is Coming.

Barnabus Tea 17
Barnabus Tea 17
As the clocks go back and forecasters warn of colder weather to come, Greenfield Church swung into action by offering a sumptuous afternoon tea, reminiscent of hot sunny days and al fresco dining, to raise funds for BARNABUS the charity for the homeless in Manchester. Supporters came through doors in droves – for 3 solid hours the church was packed. Sandwiches and pies, scones and jam and cakes, lots and lots of cakes. All consumed with great gusto.
On the day £640 raised to go with the 13 sacks of warm clothing already delivered.
And still to come … The Annual Barnabus Quiz Night in January….

Church to visit local beauty spot.

Lymm Dam
Lymm Dam showing the historic Parish Church through the trees.
Picnic Site
After morning worship GREENFIELD CHURCH members will picnic at Lymm Dam on Sunday 16th July followed by a 2 mile circumnavigation of the dam itself.
Built in 1824 Tranquil Lymm Dam is one of the most popular visitor attractions in the whole of the borough of Warrington attracting vast numbers of nature lovers each year to revel in its true magnificence and peaceful settings. It truly is an escape. This 17-hectare site which recently won a Green Flag award includes one of the few publicly accessible large water bodies within the area. Situated in the Southeast of Warrington Borough, Lymm Dam is well placed to provide recreational and educational opportunities for both local and regional visitors. Ranger Tim Baker quoted; “Lymm Dam is a place that means many things to many people and sometimes those people can get quite passionate about it”.

Thoughts for July.

Stephen Rev Stephen Smith.
‘Baptist Voice’ the Talking Newspaper for visually handicapped Baptists in the UK is based at Greenfield Church. Our minister, Rev Stephen Smith is the newspaper’s Chaplain. Each month Stephen shares his thoughts and prayers with the listeners.
This is his contribution for July:-