Greenfield Baptist/Congregational Church was formed in 1976 by the coming together of the two denominations under The Sharing of Church Buildings Act. Although legally two churches the denominations worship together and share the government of the church equally, maintaining only the minimum denominational bodies to satisfy legal requirements. There are two church rolls and those coming into membership choose which roll they will be added to, according to denominational background.

Latest News

Sweet Valentine - 16.2.18

Special Service for Christmas Eve.

“With God all things are Possible” Come and join us at 11.30pm for a quiet service of worship – an ideal way to see in Christmas away from all the hustle and bustle. Use this link to see the order of service GR241217

Christmas Services at Greenfield


Morning Worship - 10.45am - 17.6.18

Dr Margaret Curtis THEME: ‘Seeds of the Kingdom’ READINGS: Leviticus 23: 9-17 & 33-37: Mark 4: 26-34. Use the link below to see the fill order of service. GR170618

Morning Worship 10.6.18 - 10.45am

Rev Phil Jump THEME: Unlocking the Potential READINGS: Psalm 138: 1 Samuel 8: 4-20; Mark 3: 30-34. Click the link to see the order of service. GR100618

Morning Worship and Communion

Rev Stephen Smith with Yvonne Campbell of the Congregational Federation THEME: Rest / Time READINGS: Psalm 23: Mark 2: 23 – 3:6 The link below will take you to the full order of service: GR030618