Greenfield Baptist/Congregational Church was formed in 1976 by the coming together of the two denominations under The Sharing of Church Buildings Act. Although legally two churches the denominations worship together and share the government of the church equally, maintaining only the minimum denominational bodies to satisfy legal requirements. There are two church rolls and those coming into membership choose which roll they will be added to, according to denominational background.

Latest News

Christmas is Coming.

Barnabus Tea 17 As the clocks go back and forecasters warn of colder weather to come, Greenfield Church swung into action by offering a sumptuous afternoon tea, reminiscent of hot sunny days and al fresco dining, to raise funds for BARNABUS the charity for the homeless in Manchester. Supporters came through doors in droves – … Continue reading Christmas is Coming.

Church to visit local beauty spot.

Lymm Dam showing the historic Parish Church through the trees. Picnic Site After morning worship GREENFIELD CHURCH members will picnic at Lymm Dam on Sunday 16th July followed by a 2 mile circumnavigation of the dam itself. Built in 1824 Tranquil Lymm Dam is one of the most popular visitor attractions in the whole of … Continue reading Church to visit local beauty spot.

Thoughts for July.

Rev Stephen Smith. ‘Baptist Voice’ the Talking Newspaper for visually handicapped Baptists in the UK is based at Greenfield Church. Our minister, Rev Stephen Smith is the newspaper’s Chaplain. Each month Stephen shares his thoughts and prayers with the listeners. This is his contribution for July:-


Morning Worship - 19th November 2017 - 10.45

Rev Stephen Smith THEME – Fear and Favour READINGS: 1 Thessalonians 5: 1-11; Matthew 25: 14-30. Use the link below to access the order of service. GR191117

Morning Worship & Communion 5.11.17

Rev Stephen Smith Today’s Theme : ‘Were all in it together’ READINGS: Micah 3: 5-12; Matthew 23: 1-12 Click on the link below to see the full order of service:- GR051117

Morning Worship - 29.10.17 - 10.45am

Rev. Stephen Smith THEME: ‘All God Wants…’ READINGS:Leviticus 19: 1-2 & 15-18; Matthew 22: 34-46 Clich here for the full order of service GR291017